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Conventions and you, a very long list

Conventions and you: A list.
Convention survival lists are fairly common on the internet, with everyone who’s ever even looked at pictures of an anime convention photoshoot putting in their two cents. As a con-goer who’s been to conventions big and small, and traveled as far as 500 miles to get to one, I thought I there were still things I could share.

Getting there:Collapse )

EDIT: I was inspired by a truly terrible list created by someone I met at a convention I attended very recently. It was her first convention, and she spent the entire convention trying very hard to be miserable, got so far as to saying that she would never attend a convention again, and then in the next breath, the she was going to be a con reporter. wtfever, bitch. I'm not linking to her website, because I don't want to give her the traffic, but her inept list got me thinking about how I might have done it better. I have barely gotten started. I will be updating the list with convention/hotel ettiquite, and cosplaying.

Cosplay To-Do list


  • Add Zipper to coat

  • Applique patches to shoulders

  • add sheepskin collar to coat

  • prepare sheepskin boot tops

Priority: Low, conditional upon whether France actually gets done.


  • design new wig

  • create Wind and Fire Wheels

Priority: Very low


  • sew together damn costume

Priority: Low, conditional upon Jilly making time to learn how to sew


    </li>sew jacket</li>
  • design shoulder armor

  • make chackram

Priority: Low, contingent upon Jilly learning how to sew.

Ho-oh Gajinka

  • Design costume

  • sew costume

Priority: low, conditional another person finishing their gajinka costume first.


  • Dye and design wig

Priority: High

Katy Perry in E.T.

  • design breastplate

  • design leg-covers

  • design wig

  • sew skirt

Priority: Low, for Halloween


  • Design wig

  • Sew costume

  • Make frisbees

Priority: High


  • sew costume

  • sew gauntlets

  • Make duel disk

  • Make rod

  • design wig

  • dye pants

Priority: High


  • make scythefinish Chain of Memories cards

Priority: Moderate/high, depending upon date of photoshoot


  • Sew costume

  • design wig

  • create Hyperion blade

Priority: Low, contingent upon Jilly learning how to sew


  • sew obi

  • fold paper to make cherry blossoms

  • add collar

  • Make Jewelry

Priority: Moderate

Yami Marik

  • repairing wig

  • making duel disk

priority: moderate

Dec. 9th, 2010

Almost done with the papers...

I'll maybe post them once the semester's over. I'd just have to make sure the pictures I used are uploaded onto photobucket.

Costumes for 2011

October 23rd, 2010 marks the start of my sixth year of cosplaying. I don't have a lot of costumes planned for this year, but I'm sure that I'll end up doing what I always do and decide to do a costume a week before the convention and power-sew it through.
New Costumes:
America -- Axis Powers Hetalia
America is one of those costumes that is basically already done. I just need to add the zipper/collar/patches to his coat, and cut out the trim that's supposed to line his boots. I may also look into making/buying an army jacket like his, but I may just not bother, as well, depending upon time/desire. I also want to make a plush hamburger, maybe with a squeak toy inside, or make one large enough to work as a purse.

Haku -- Naruto
Haku would be a brand-new costume for me for this year. I'm intrigued by the mix of materials that would go in to making this. I really enjoyed making the mask for the nurse costume for Halloween, and I'd like to try to make another, now that I am more experienced at it. I also got a dremel tool, and I'd like to actually make the rain/mist design on his headband myself.

Silk Spectre II -- Watchmen (Movie version)
Again, this is another costume that's at least partway done. I need to make the boot covers and gloves, and probably repair some of the seams on the body of the outfit, now that I have a lot more material to play with.

Steampunk corset
I'd like to do something similar to this, which is an 1830s' style corset, which, while not having that extreme shape that you'll see in the 1880s'-90s', provides shape and support, but is softer on my body/sides. I won't crack a rib bending over in this!

Wa Lolita
The below image is just an example of what I'd like to do. I need to check to make sure I have enough material laying around. Ideally, I'd have a red on white cherry blossom pattern. I may make a lining with a red or pink material, provided I can find something nice that matches.

Repairing costumes:
Ultimecia: Her wig needs fixing like woah. I have a replacement, and now I have a better idea of how to attach the horns on. I may also go back and try to tailor the dress in a bit more to get it a little more fitted. I also need to repair the wings, as they broke apart. I may use epoxy resin to keep them in together this time, rather than hot-glue. Gorilla glue might work as well. I do also want to add a little more weave into the wings, too.

I may want to do more later, and I'm sure that there are other costumes that I need to repair, but this I think is a pretty sizable list for now.

Americans are crazy...

All I could think last night was: "Why the hell am I doing this?"
I left the house at 11:30 to make it to Old Navy. When I got there, the line was maybe 50-60 people deep, but by the time the doors opened, the line was wrapped around the box stores. It seemed crazier than last year, with people not moving in an orderly fashion around the store, darting this way and that...
I had my doubts about my stamina when I went to Denny's afterward to drink coffee and kill time before standing in line at Kohl's, but I did feel superior to the family who brought their young daughter to the Toys R' Us circle of hell. Every year, the police park outside of the entrance to direct traffic. The store opened at what, ten? I heard people were waiting in line starting at 7:30. It took over an hour just to get out of the store, apparently.
Little did I know that I had nothing to be superior about. At least the family wasn't standing in the rain. It's 37 degrees, and I'm out there, in the rain, with a fleece blanket over my head to try to keep my coat dry. My hour and a half of hell was enlivened by conversation and by a cupcake truck driving by, taking advantage of the captive audiences standing around gormlessly outside. By the end, my feet felt like they were on fire, and I must have looked so pathetic with mascara smeared down my face that people scrunched in so I could stand in the overhang and warm up before the doors opened. I thought I was going to participate in see my very first black Friday fight when a group of self-entitled bitches just walked up to the front from their car, cut in line and got let in first. THere was a guy in front of me with a folding chair, and I seriously thought he was going to start using it, he was so mad. I probably would have done more, if I hadn't been crushed into a pocket. Well, at the very least, I got in the front of the jewelry counter line so I could get the thing mom wanted me to pick up for her friend. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. After all that waiting, it felt very surreal. I would have stayed longer, but people were actually pushing at one another to get in the front door, and I got creeped out by it... and I was wet and cold.
I ended up driving to work so I could pick up my birthday present to myself, a Singer Profinish Serging machine that was $140 dollars off the list price. Jo-Ann's is next to Target, and as usual, Target was batshit crazy with the line. I stayed in my car talking to creatoremagico on mobile AIM until 5:00, when I saw people getting in line outside of Jo-Ann's. I was worried they would sell out of the sewing machine I wanted, but no, everyone wanted flannel and fleece, which is disgustingly cheap this week. We all crowded into the vestibule with the smelly pine cones, but I was thankful just to be somewhere warm for a few minutes. I had gone out to target just before 5 to see what was going on and to get warm, but I saw that the line was literally snaking around itself and left in disgust.
I got my lovely machine, thankfully, and then stopped off at Lowes behind Jo-Ann's to see if I could get that unadvertised special on a dremel kit (I got the last one), and the cool special on LED flashlights for Dad, since he's obsessed with them.
I was going to go to Wal*Mart next, but when I saw that the parking lot was still full, except for the nosebleed spots like I truly did expect, I'm not a fool, my willpower crumbled and I just drove home. I got home to find Dad's car gone. He had gone to Staples to get himself a good laptop deal, which he managed to get.
I ended up sleeping until about 1, except for when the UPS guy dropped off a package for Mom, but I still feel terrible. Every year, I wonder why I do this to myself, but by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, I've forgotten just how awful and stupid it is to sit outside in the bitter cold/wind/snow/rain to get this stuff. And I dont' even really buy all that much. I look at all the people out there with me, and I can tell, we're all thinking the same thing: "Why do we hate ourselves so much?"